Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) is the owner and creator of Hotel Transylvania, a five-star resort where the world's monsters can be safe from human civilization. Dracula invites some of the most famous monsters like Frankenstein's Monster (Kevin James) and his wife Eunice (Fran Drescher), Murray the Mummy (Cee Lo Green), Wayne and Wanda Werewolf (Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon), Griffin the Invisible Man (David Spade), BigfootThe Blob, and other monsters to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez). However, Mavis prefers to explore the outside world with her father's permission, but the village he directs her to is actually an elaborate deception to convince her of the threat of humans enough to coax her back.

However, this charade inadvertently attracts the attention of an ordinary young traveler named Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) who was exploring the surrounding forest and he follows the staff to the hotel. Once Jonathan enters the hotel, Dracula frantically attempts to hide him from the patrons such as disguising him as a Flesh Golem named Johhny-steinwith the later hasty cover story of being a relative of one of Frank's body parts. Eventually, Jonathan is discovered by Mavis and company, forcing Dracula to claim he is going to arrange Mavis' birthday party with a young perspective. In doing so, Jonathan manages to liven up the staid activities at the hotel, charming everyone, especially Mavis. Eventually, even Dracula begins to like the human, taking him into his confidence about his family's traumatic past after the vampire notices the young man knows something about them in a respectful manner.

Unfortunately, Chef Quasimodo (Jon Lovitz) realizes Jonathan is human and captures him to cook him, forcing Dracula to directly intervene by magically paralyzing the chef. Eventually, the birthday party happens and it is a raucous success until Dracula overreacts to Mavis and Jonathan's innocent kiss. Things get worse when Chef Quasimodo interrupts the party and reveals Jonathan's true nature. Even as the clientèle are revolted, Dracula, in his ranting, lets it slip that he tricked Mavis at the fake village and Mavis is outraged at being so manipulated by her own father. For his part, Jonathan feels obliged to reject Mavis for her father's sake and leaves the hotel. Afterward, Dracula realizes that in his efforts to protect Mavis, he has broken her heart and now she tearfully wants to stay at the hotel forever.

Wishing to undo his mistake, Dracula persuades his friends to help him find Jonathan and even risks his destruction by venturing out in the daylight to do so. Learning that Jonathan is about to board a flight out of Transylvania Airport shortly, they race on and enter a town en route. At that town, Dracula and company are stunned to see the humans celebrating a monster holiday with many humans costumed as the monsters in tribute. To clear a path, Frankenstein tries to scare them, but finds the humans are cheerfully welcoming them instead and even provide a shaded route through the town for Dracula to proceed at maximum speed.

However, Dracula finds that he is too late with Jonathan's plane taking off. With no alternative, Dracula sadly flies after it in broad daylight despite being hurt by the sun. With maximum effort, Dracula manages to reach the plane and resorts to mind-controlling one of the pilots to tell Jonathan that he wants him to return to be with his daughter and manipulates the plane back to the airport.
Later, Dracula returns Jonathan to Mavis, who explains why he had to reject her and that she is his 'zing'. Dracula gives his blessing to their relationship and the hotel has another party to celebrate his daughter's liberating coming of age before Jonathan and Mavis set off on their travels.

The film ends with Dracula and his friends being shown in Traditional animation during the credits.

p/s : cerita ni ringan, sangat best cerita dia dan unsur-unsur humor yang menjadi. sya sebanarnya secara peribadi mengakui animasi-animasi dari luar negara (Hollywood) berjaya menghasilkan cerita animasinya yang tersendiri dimana cerita-cerita itu bukan sahaja berkualiti akan tetapi juga mempunyai identitinya yang tersendiri. Hotel transylvania bukan sahaja sebuah cerita animasi sahaja akan tetapi mempunyai unsur-unsur nilai yang berlaku dalam kalangan masyarakan kita. Konkongan seorang bapa terhadap anaknya berlaku dalam kalangan masyarakat kita dimana si bapa akan melakukan yang terbaik terhadap anaknya selain mengelakkan si anak melakukan atau mengulangi kesilapan yang pernah dilakukan oleh si bapa. Namun realitinya, experience is the best teacher. Biarkan sesaorang itu melakukan kesilapan supaya dia boleh belajar dari kesilapan itu. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


 Fuhhh Fuhh (pose meniup habuk di blog yang bersarang ni) lame tak update blog yang hidup segan mati tak mahu ni... hehehehe... ok la kite straight to te point la k....

Thanks to Adie and Am ( A&A Resources and Services) who had organise a house warming and post syawal open house which be at their new residence. Thanks also to the all the guess who are willing to spent their time to join this event. Tahniah atas kegigihan anda berdua menjayakan rumah terbuka selepas syawal bagi membolehkan para VIP, ARTIS-RETIS dan DIVA-DIVA memastikan kedatangan mereka. Seronok dapat lepak-lepak dan sembang-sembang dengan anda-anda semua. Berkonsepkan English Garden berjaya membangkitkan suasana ringkat tetapi tampak mewah. Dihiasi dengan gubahan bunga rose putih dan segar serta dekorasi yang bertemakan kehijauan berjaya mewujudkan suasana tenang dan damai. Syukur semua makanan mencukupi serta terima kasih kepada rakan-rakan yang membawa buah tangan untuk dikongsi bersama-sama tetamu lain. Terima kasih juga kepada pihak keluarga kedua-dua belah pihak yang bertungkus lumus di dapur bagi menjayakan event ini.

p/s :  Dengar kata tahun depan bertemakan 'ARABIAN NIGHT", betul ke ???? heheheh.. tahun depan kite wat lagi k...