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Clutch Bags For Men

tengok beg bukan bende 2 okeh
Clutch bags range from purse, handbags, evening bag without handle to pocketbook. A clutch bag is mainly a new idea of handbags which are stamped quite distinctively. They were made initially as steel made bags, plastic mock, and tortoise shell and crystal clear. Gradually these makes were made obsolete by the cute leather ones. As a result of shortage in leather the use of fabrics as woolens infelt or broadcloth, ribbed failles, cordes, satins and other novelties began to emerge. A clutch bag is small to medium in size, with fashionable designs.

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 They are mostly used by women as holders for Mobile phones, keys, glove, cosmetic and other minor and readily needed items. Clutch bags are not required strictly by women some are quite okay for men. It should not be mistaken for tote which is a large handbag with two handles where the former is medium to small sized bags that is carried by hand. 

cam beg prompuan ? kesah ape kan
 The name is derived from the fact that it is usually clutched in the hand. Some pocketbooks are made very similar to this. Hand bags are associated with women, hence the reason why a clutch bags sounds very feminine. Men in some parts of Europe are seen around with purses in their hands. Even in America a handbag that is carried by a man is called a manbag or simply by slang that combines a man and a purse. Children too are often seen with small purses and clutches they are often see with these when they are playing.
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 Clutch bags are among the most common types of hand bags around; other types of handbag include Satchel – a bag used for carrying papers or books, made with leather and in most cases has a strap or an handle; Tote – a large bag that has two straps with which is carried; Sling bag – a bag very similar to a messenger bag with a long strap, it is smaller than the messenger bag; Messenger bag – this bag has a long strap and is worn across the body. Duffle bags used for sport sports and Laptop purse used to protect a laptop are also form of handbag.

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Most common clutch bags are made from leather, which is an animal skin that has been subjected to chemical treatment, to make them strong, flexible and resistant to decay. Almost all the leather used for these bags is from the hide of cattle, calf, goat, kid, sheep, lamb, horse, kangaroo, deer, reptile, seal and walrus. Leather is not only used to make clutch bags, it is also used to make clothes and shoes. For the bags, leather from cattle hides are usually used this being that they range from lightweight and supple to tough and strong leather. Sheepskin is soft and supple and is also used for clutch bags; some are also made from calfskin whose leather is light and finer grained.
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Although clutch bags are now common found with almost every woman any time of the day and everywhere there is no denying the fact that these bags are more perfect for evening use. A large bag will definitely seem out of place as it will attract too much attention and for an evening to be spent in a social gathering it will give a casual outlook.

bahagian dalam. boleh sumbat  macam2
  When going out in the evening you can make a choice of the bag you would want to take with you from the varieties of bags present; in making this decision a major factor that will help you decide is what type of evening you are going to. If you use a large bag when going for an opera, will note denote you as someone who is fashion wise. If the outing is to a formal event then you can chose any of the clutch bags available. When you require to go the cinema, ballet or a semi-formal function you could consider wearing a gown and then this will go well with a leather clutch bag, or you can chose any appropriate one.

yang ni timmy x brape mampu (hehe)
For formal events I would recommend silk and satin; the patina of the fabric who go well with any formal setting. Asides from this you should add consider the ones that has a gold or silver clutch and match it with the appropriate jewelry. For major occasions a black clutch bag should top the list of choice of bags you will be making. Black fits into any where and for a clutch bag is elegant. As you are aware the clutch bag is not large, it is small and will not contain a lot of items, do well to put in the items that you are bond to require depending on the nature of the outing. For an evening business dinner, you can have you check book in the bag, this item will not be appropriate for an evening with family and friends.                                     (from clutch-bags.org)

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ok la timmy nak kongsi sikit pasal clutch sikit.. tidak dinafikan antara kegilaan timmy sekarang ni adalah clutch beg (mampu? hehehe). satu beg yang simple dan pelangkap gaya seorang lelaki. mungkin pada orang lain, orang yang bawak clutch ni "confuse" tapi pada timmy orang yang bawak clutch ialah seorang yang confident, berani, smart dan maskulin. clutch boleh didapati dalam pelbagai size dan bentuk. namun mestilah sesuai ngan keadaan dan tempat. mereka2 yang ingin memiliki clutch mestilah bukan seorang yang mudah lupa coz clutch ni besar, x sesuai sumbat dalam poket. biasanya diletakkan atas meja. selain ruang yang besar, clutch memudahkan kita menyumbat macam2 (bills, duit yang berkepok2 tu, biss card dlll). dan timmy masih belum mampu memiliki accessory bergaya ini (sangat sedih)  cuba sesuatu yang baru dan mulakan gaya anda dengan clutch okeh... 
ps : berhati2 dengan peragut k... hehehe
salam sayang timmy iskandar

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  1. Clutch Bags For Men are mainly a new idea of handbags which are stamped quite distinctively.